Tanya Tyrer – Coloured Pencil Artist

I am a self-taught artist and have been working predominantly in coloured pencil since 2016.

In 2015, a Christmas gift of an adult colouring book and a small set of pencils sparked my passion. It wasn’t long however before I found myself becoming frustrated with the limitations of simply colouring in someone else’s drawings. And so, in June 2016 I created my first full coloured pencil artwork. I enjoyed the process so much that I just had to see what else I could achieve. It’s no exaggeration when I say that I must have watched just about every YouTube tutorial. I also raided my local library for all the coloured pencil art instruction books! It was obvious that I had fallen in love and it seemed nothing could satiate my need to learn more!

I’m still learning, with each new piece I create teaching me something new.

My biggest love is how you’re able to create precise details thus capturing the very essence of your subject. This is something I strive for with each creation!

I was born with a passion for the natural world and even as a child my art always depicted animals. I took art in high school but because my teachers discouraged my subject choice I lost all interest. It took over 19 years for that creative passion to be reignited and now there’s no stopping it!

Whether it be in appearance or design I wholeheartedly believe that everything in nature has a unique beauty and purpose!

Having grown up in South Africa, famous for its abundant wildlife and bird life, I was fortunate enough to encounter some of the most amazing creatures! Although I now live in New Zealand, my heart will always remain in Africa and as such African wildlife is still my favourite subject to draw along with a host of other beautiful flora and fauna from around the world.